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Emergency Service Calls

I thought this topic would be a good post.  A lot of people don’t recognize this industry as a proffesional service such as calling an electrician or plumber.  However, for most of us that do this business as a living like we do, it is nothing short of a proffesional service.  Now if you was to call either an electrician or plumber to come out after hours you are probably looking in the price range of $300.00 to $500.00 just for them to show up.  Just like these two trades we also have to charge a rate that would be higher than something that would be taken place during regular working hours.  All tradesman would like to go home after they work their normal day so when one of us gets a call and its an emergency and it takes us either away from our normal schedule or is after hours we should be compensated correctly.  So, if you ever need to call us for an emergency please understand that our time and skills are very valuable and you will get nothing less than a professional visit from us.